Application Workgroups

Adding application shortcuts to MenuStrip is as easy as dragging an application into the item list in MenuStrip's preferences panel. But did you know you can create 'Application Workgroup' shortcuts just as easily by dragging multiple applications in at once? Workgroup shortcuts will launch all of the specified applications at the same time with just a single click.

To create a new workgroup, simply drag multiple applications at once into MenuStrip's item list:

Also, workgroups can include documents too!

Fast Auto-Hiding

You can turn MenuStrip's Auto-Hide mode on and off using a convenient keyboard hot-key. Simply press F12 to hide the background clutter out of your way. (The keyboard shortcut can be changed to a different key in the preferences).

Really Quick Launching

Now you can launch applications or open files without needing to use your mouse! Simply press F8, start typing the desired app or file's name, and press 'Enter' to select it. The Quick Launcher will then open the selected file or launch the selected application. All this without taking your hands off the keyboard. (The keyboard shortcut can be changed to a different key in the preferences).

Dynamic Folder Menus

You can display the contents of a folder directly inside a MenuStrip drop-down menu (usually folders are shown as single items and their contents are sub-menus to the main drop-down menu). Creating a drop-down menu this way will make it automatically update to any changes that happen to the contents of that folder. Which means your drop-down menu will always be in sync with what's really inside that folder.

To create a dynamic folder menu, simply drag in your target folder:

...or make sure the following check box is checked in your existing drop-down menu item:

Where was that file again?

You can use the Quick Launcher to find where on your hard drive that important file you're looking for is hiding. Search for the file's name using the Quick Launcher as usual, but hold down the option-key when selecting the found file. Instead of opening the file, the Quick Launcher will instead show it in the Finder.

Screenshots? You've got it covered.

MenuStrip's Hide Desktop mode makes taking screenshots a breeze.
Take a lot of screenshots? Tired of having to clean your desktop every time you do? Just turn on MenuStrip's Auto-Hide mode and switch to the application you want to take screenshots of. With the Hide Desktop feature enabled, your desktop icons will hide out of view and you can take 'clean' screenshots quickly and easily.