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MenuStrip 3 Version History

Version 3.5

New features:
• Updated for Mac OS X 10.6.6
• Available on the Mac App Store

Version 3.0.5

New features:
• Redesigned preferences panel / updated UI look
• Added the ability to create Action Button shortcuts for AppleScript scripts
• Run AppleScripts directly from drop-down menus

• Simpler updating of installed plugins
• Numerous fixes for Tiger
• Improved Auto-Hide behavior

Version 3.0.4

New features:
• Added the ability to set whether or not to auto-hide background applications when switching to the Finder

• A few minor performance improvements related to file searching
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause MenuStrip to unexpectedly quit on certain systems

Version 3.0.3

New features:
• Added Hide Desktop mode
• Toggle Auto-Hide mode on and off using a convenient menu button
• Configure keyboard shortcuts to activate the Quick Launcher search field or toggle the Auto-Hide mode
• New 'icon-fade' screen effect when launching applications or opening files from within MenuStrip
• Added the ability to disable the inclusion of 'Recent Items' from Quick Launcher search results
• Holding down the shift key when switching applications with the Auto-Hide mode enabled will temporarily prevent the automatic hiding of background apps

• Fixed a bug where some Carbon applications would display with generic icons in menus
• Improved menu text rendering quality for certain system font smoothing settings
• Fixed a menu clock drawing glitch that occurred when 'flash separators' was enabled and the clock font style was bold
• Fixed a bug where MenuStrip would initially default to the wrong screen on startup on certain dual-monitor setups

Version 3.0.2

New features:
• Now easily create new menu items and applications shortcuts by simply dragging files and folders to MenuStrip's items table
• Added settings for displaying the day of week and the current date next to the menu clock
• Added settings for changing clock font size and style
• Added volume level indicator icons to the sound volume menu item
• Improved plugin support and new plugins: Safari Menu, Contacts Menu, and Eject Button

• Fixed a problem where MenuStrip would disappear from the menu bar if it couldn't fit in the available menu space (single items that don't fit are now clipped instead). This issue would only happen in situations where MenuStrip was displaying in the menu bar and there was not enough room available in the menu bar to display all of the items
• Fixed the automatic repositioning of MenuStrip's control strip window when the screen resolution is changed
• Improvements to memory and CPU usage for Quick Launcher file searches
• Minor cosmetic fix of the Preference switch menu item's drop shadow (it would display poorly on custom themes)

Version 3.0.1

• Fixed support for importing plugins by simply double-clicking or drag-and-dropping to MenuStrip's items table
• Fixed the volume slider item to change the volume continuously as you move the volume slider