Example iDraw Plug-ins

  • Add Anchor Points

    Add Anchor Points

    Adds additional anchor points to each segment along every selected path. Each segment is split at its midpoint.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Path Crumple

    Path Crumple

    Apply a crumple effect to selected paths. Roughens the appearance of a path by applying random jitter to its anchor points.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Create Rectangular Grid

    Create Rectangular Grid

    Create a grid object of horizontal and vertical lines. Set the width, height, and number of divider lines.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Image Adjust Colors

    Image Color Controls

    Adjust the colors of an image fill using brightness, contrast, and saturation sliders.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Image Black & White

    Image Black & White

    Convert a color image fill to black & white. Three different black & white conversion modes, each with varying contrast.
    Requirements: v2.4.1, OS X 10.9+
  • Image Photo Effects

    Image Photo Effects

    Apply one of 8 different photo effect presets to an image fill. Choose from "Fade", "Instant", "Process", "Noir", and more.
    Requirements: v2.4.1, OS X 10.9+
  • Image Unsharp Mask

    Image Unsharp Mask

    Sharpens an image fill by increasing the contrast of pixel edges between different colors in the image.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Image Vibrance

    Image Vibrance

    Apply a vibrance effect to an image fill, adjusting the saturation and color tones of the image.
    Requirements: v2.4.1, OS X 10.7+
  • Select Inverse

    Select Inverse

    Invert the shape selection across all layers. The currently selected shapes are deselected and all unselected shapes are selected.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Reset Bounding Box

    Reset Bounding Box

    Resets the bounding box of the current selection. This will remove the rotation applied to the selection's bounding box, without affecting the shapes.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Canvas Size to Fit

    Canvas Size to Fit

    Resize the canvas bounds to fit the currently visible artwork.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Canvas Size to Selection

    Canvas Size to Selection

    Resize the canvas bounds to fit the currently selected objects.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Release Image Mask

    Release Image Mask

    Releases an image that is masked inside of a shape. Creates a new object at the size of the original image.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Animated GIF Export

    Animated GIF Export

    Export the layers in the current document as frames in a GIF animation. Set frame duration and loop settings.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Animated GIF Import

    Animated GIF Import

    Import an animated GIF file. The animation frames are imported as separate layers in a new document.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Hide Other Layers

    Hide Other Layers

    Hides all layers which are not currently selected. Only the selected layers remain visible.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Unhide All

    Unhide All

    Unhides every layer, shape, and group in the current document.
    Requirements: v2.4.1
  • Unhide All Layers

    Unhide All Layers

    Unhides every layer in the current document.
    Requirements: v2.4.1

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