Layer FX

Layer Effects

  • Apply drop shadows, inner shadows, inner and outer glows to shapes.
  • Add multiple strokes, fills, and effects to a single object.
  • Arrange the order of fills, strokes, and effects using drag and drop.
PDF Import

SVG / PDF / AI Import

  • Import SVG, PDF, and Illustrator AI files as editable vector objects.
  • Import designs from other vector illustration applications.
  • Paste vector objects directly into other iPad apps.
New Color Picker

Colors and Gradients

  • Color popup with RGB, HSB, and Hex color pickers.
  • Eyedropper tool to easily find and pick the right color.
  • 'Copy Style' / 'Paste Style' options to share styles among objects.
Core Text

Core Text Editing

  • Multi-style text boxes with line height and text kerning options.
  • Text along a path. Bind text objects to follow any path.
  • In-place editing of transformed text. Smart text box resizing.
Photoshop PSD Import

Photoshop Import / Export

  • Import layered PSD files with vector paths and effects.
  • Layer effects are imported as fully editable drop shadows, glows, etc.
  • Export designs as layered PSD files.
Dimension Labels

Technical Drawing Tools

  • Create detailed technical designs and floor plans using dimension labels.
  • Customizable canvas grid with design scale setting.
  • Display the length, width, and area of a path or complex shape.

iCloud Sync

  • Store your iDraw documents in iCloud, and keep them up to date across all of your devices. Easily share designs between the Mac and iPad versions of iDraw.
iOS 8

iOS 8

  • iDraw takes advantage of the latest features in iOS 8, including new extension for annotating images. It also runs great on iOS 6 and 7.


  • Share your designs with others easily using the built-in sharing features in iOS. Share designs on Facebook, Twitter, via Email, to other iPad apps, etc.
Smart Guides

Smart Guides

  • Smart guides allow you to quickly and easily align multiple objects. Grid snapping and 'Snap to Point' also help you create pixel-perfect designs.


  • iDraw features a beautiful interface that looks gorgeous on the iPad's Retina display.


  • iDraw autosaves documents at regular intervals to keep your work safe.


  • Export designs to Dropbox. Import images, resources, and other files from any Dropbox folder.

GPU Accelerated

  • Optimized GPU drawing for incredibly fast performance. Faster drawing, faster editing, faster importing... simply work faster.
Photoshop PSD Import

Unrivaled Import / Export

Ready to join your design workflow.

Import designs created in other illustration applications using iDraw's SVG, PDF, and Illustrator AI import capability. Export designs as vector-based SVG and PDF files to import them into other applications, or export as PNG, JPEG, or PSD images.

Import layered Photoshop PSD files. Unlike most applications which simply import the bitmap data from a PSD file, iDraw can import Shape Layers and Layer Styles as native editable objects. Edit imported strokes, fills, gradients, shadows, glows, etc. We've worked hard to ensure that imported PSD files appear as closely as possible to the original design, all while remaining editable in iDraw.

Dimensions and Labels

Technical drawing and Illustration.

Rulers, Units, Dimensioning and more...

Create detailed technical designs, floor plans, and schematics using iDraw's customizable canvas grid, smart alignment guides, object snapping, and dimensioning tools. Choose from a variety of ruler value display formats including pixels, feet, inches, yards, and metric units.

Use dimension labels to automatically display object sizes, calculate the square footage of a room, or annotate a design mockup. Fractional numbers in dimension labels can be displayed as decimals with adjustable levels of precision, or as fractions.

Colors and Gradients

Create Beautiful Works of Art

Shapes, Brushes, Text, Gradients, and Images.

Versatile set of customizable shape drawing tools - create lines, arcs, round rects, ellipses, stars, polygons, and more. Geometry settings pane for precise numeric editing. Fluid vector calligraphic brush and pencil tools for drawing and sketching.

Choose colors using a variety of interfaces, including a color wheel, RGB, HSB, and Hex color pickers. Robust gradient editor with support for creating and editing linear, radial, and angle gradients. Use angle gradients to create photorealistic effects or design interface elements and controls - knobs, buttons, sliders, etc.

Design on the Go

The tools you need to get work done, on iPad.

Every detail, from the magnifier loupe that shows what's under your finger as you draw, to the shareable Shape library files and seamless iCloud integration, was thoughtfully designed to create an intuitive full-featured graphic design toolset on the iPad.

PDF Import

Powerful Vector Editing Tools

Bezier Pen Tool

Desktop-class bezier pen tool for editing points, curves, and lines. Create shapes with custom paths, or modify the paths of existing shapes. Multi-path editing: select and edit anchor points on multiple paths at the same time.

Scissor Tool

Cut a path into multiple sections using the new Scissor tool. Paths can be cut at their anchor points, or anywhere along their length. The Scissor tool can be accessed from the Pen Tool's options, or activated directly using the 'c' keyboard shortcut.

Join Multiple Paths

The 'Join Paths' command in the 'Modify' menu can now combine multiple paths at the same time. Select several paths and choose 'Join Paths' to join all of paths together at their endpoints.

Convert Text to Paths

Converting text objects to editable paths now creates individual shapes for each glyph. Image and gradient fills applied across an entire text object are accurately cropped to each glyph shape when converting to paths.

Connect Endpoints

Similar to the 'Join Paths' command, the new 'Connect Endpoints' option can be used to connect the endpoints of multiple paths together, linking the nearest endpoints with line segments to create a single path.

Disconnect Segments

Explode an entire path into separate disconnected segments using the new 'Disconnect Path' command. Along with the new 'Join' and 'Connect' path options, paths can now be edited in very powerful new ways.

Other New Features

Import PDF AnnotationsOutline ModeHex Color Picker
Resize Artwork PaneEnhanced Eraser ToolText Kerning & Line Height
sRGB SVG ExportCopy/Paste StylesShape/Group Blending
Reduced Memory UsageSmaller Document File SizesImproved Performance
...and more!

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