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iDraw 2 has been redesigned from the ground up, featuring a beautiful and intuitive new interface inspired by the clean look of iOS 7. With new fast-entry value input popovers, multiple color pickers, a powerful new gradient editor, and many more new features… iDraw brings powerful desktop-class illustration tools to the iPad with the ease of use of an iOS app.


Photoshop PSD Import / Export

iDraw can import and export layered Photoshop PSD files. Unlike most applications which simply import the bitmap data from a PSD file, iDraw can import Shape Layers as fully editable vector paths and import Layer Styles as native Appearance Styles. We've worked hard to ensure that imported PSD files appear as closely as possible to the original design, all while remaining editable in iDraw.

Photoshop PSD import and export
Photoshop Layer Effects

Layer Effects

Layer Styles are imported as Appearance Styles in iDraw. Edit imported strokes, fills, gradients, shadows, glows, etc. Vector paths and effects remain crisp at high zoom levels.

Shape Layers

Vector paths remain fully editable after import. Take advantage of iDraw's powerful vector editing tools to manipulate shape layers and paths. Even export imported PSDs as web-viewable vector SVG files!

Import and edit design resources from sites such as and Designmoo.

Dimensioning and Alignment Guides

Technical Designs

Create detailed technical designs, floor plans, and schematics using iDraw’s customizable dimension labels. Choose from a variety of display formats for feet, inches, yards, and metric units. Fractional numbers can now be displayed as decimals with adjustable levels of precision, or as fractions. Use area dimension labels to calculate the square footage of a room or to determine the area of a polygon.

Align objects precisely using Smart Alignment Guides, canvas grid snapping, and Snap to Point. Guides automatically appear when drawing, moving, and resizing objects, allowing you to easily align an object relative to the other objects visible on the canvas.

Vibrant Colors and Gradients

Choose colors using a variety of color pickers, including a color wheel, RGB and HSB color sliders. The new Hex Value color picker interface features an input field for entering the numeric hexadecimal value of the color, along with RGB value fields and Hue/Saturation/Brightness controls for adjusting the color visually.

The new gradient editor has been redesigned for faster gradient creation and editing. Add new colors to a gradient quickly and easily by simply tapping on an empty location on the gradient bar. Along with the Linear and Radial gradient fill types, iDraw can now create Angle Gradients. Use angle gradients to create interface elements and controls, including knobs, buttons, sliders, etc. Angle gradients can also be used to create beautiful photorealistic effects.

Gradient Editor
OpenGL Optimized Drawing

OpenGL Optimized Drawing

iDraw has been optimized for incredibly fast performance. Faster drawing, editing, loading, saving, importing... every part of the application has been tweaked for performance. iDraw takes advantage of direct OpenGL drawing and multi-threading for fast uninterrupted workflows - even while working on very complex projects. Significant improvements have been made for reduced memory usage and smaller document file sizes. Working with large, resource-intensive documents has never been easier.

File Import / Export

Import and edit vector PDF and SVG files created by other vector illustration applications. Annotate PDF files. Export designs as PDF or SVG files, which can be imported and edited in other illustration applications.

Annotate PDF Files

Documents can be exported using the Share pane. When exporting design as a PDF, SVG, PNG, or JPEG file, export scale and image resolution options can be used to adjust the output size of the design. The Image Resolution setting can be set to 72 dpi, 144 dpi, or 300 dpi to create high-resolution print quality images.

iDraw for iPad is available on the App Store for only $8.99


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